Fun Fact #1: Once owned a genuine shrunken head passed down via her Grandpapa from Ecuador until her mother quote on quote “didn’t want that disgusting thing in our home anymore”. The family heirloom made its fated journey to the home of the uncle known as George, who then donated said shrunken head to the Museum of Natural History in New York. Countless times Loup L’Orange has wandered through the halls of the museum looking for her lost heirloom but has yet to find it. She realizes that the donated shrunken head has probably found a permanent home in museum storage; this is a fact that saddens her immensely. One day they will meet again.

Fun Fact #2: Loup L’Orange is severely allergic to nickel.

Fun Fact #3: Loup L’Orange suffers from autoimmunity, otherwise known as her mutant ability.


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